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Saturday, January 28, 2006

I finally bit the bullet

Welcome to our little corner of the southern California desert!

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but just never seemed to find the time to get it set up. Here's hoping that there isn't too awful much difference from building a website. It may take a bit, but eventually I'll get it all figured out and one of these days it may even begin to resemble a REAL blog. I need to collect all the buttons together in one folder and get those up, along with some links and some pics as well.

Hubby dearest is some years away from retirement yet, but he's already working toward his plan to breed, raise and train horses when that day does arrive. That's where the "Shaky K" comes from. Seems a bit ludicrous to me to call 3 acres a "ranch", but we hope by the time he retires to move the whole shebang to much larger quarters. We have 4 so far, as well as 3 Cockers (tho I suspect hubby got hoodwinked into believing that the two youngers ones are full cockers).

While he does his thing with the horses, I do mine with MY "toys". If you can think of a craft, I've most likely done it at some point in the last 50+ years. The past few years have found me doing mostly machine embroidery, knitting or catching up on all the reading I've missed out on during the years life declared I needed to be working instead.

We have a blended family of 10 and 21 grandchildren that range from the oldest who recently turned 17 down to the 3 that were born in 2005.

Life out here is (tho I really SHOULD say "was" instead) pretty quiet. We recently got new neighbors on the adjoining property, and for now, suffice it to say that we're not overly thrilled about it.

As time goes on, you're most apt to be hearing more on/about any or all of the above. For tonight however, I'm going to call it quits and heed the call of my waterbed. Night!


Anonymous Lise Mendel said...

Hi, Sandy.

This is Lise. I've added your list to Team Off the Cuff. Feel free to use one of the buttons (but please download it rather than hot linking).

11:41 AM  

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