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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here's hoping.......

that this year I'll finally figure out how all this actually works and can get further with it that my aborted attempt last year.

Unfortunately, there won't be time to get started on figuring out how to set up the side bar or put in buttons or anything else 'til sometime next week. Bags are packed and ready to go, car's washed and gassed, and I'll be heading out sometime in the morning for San Diego and TNNA. Yeeehaw!

I know I'll come home on sensory overload, and that it will take a couple days at least to unwind and come down from the "zone". I haven't been to TNNA in years, so I honestly don't remember if cameras are allowed in the "market" or not. While it's not the best of my cameras, I will have one tucked away in my purse just in case.

Youngest of the "Brat Pak" isn't too happy that Mom's not going to be here Saturday for the races. MUST remember to leave hubster the stop watch so he can get lap times for him (which I usually do from the stands). I'll definitely be on the phone with hubby off and on to hear how it's going. It's been an expensive season so far... Barely started and he's already on the 3rd transmission. Tax man LOVES the advertising deductions from sponsoring the car, but he doesn't have to watch the rest of HIS budget to keep paying for parts!

His other favorite "irony" is that this year's refund will pay the cost of next year's deductions!! Refund = $$$ to pay this year's stud fees which = next year's deductions! We're still in the mode of researching bloodlines of those we're considering covering our "girls". While it's relatively mild wintering here, best time for foaling weatherwise would be late March / early April, so we'll board them out with the studs sometime in April / May.

On the knitting front....

I'm trying to finish up the Sheer One-Piece Shawl from Modular Knits. Destined to be a shop sample for my favorite LYS (as are most things I've made lately). I need to remember to ask her permission to post details while we're at the show this weekend. Until I have that, Mum's the word!

MUST gather up "some" projects to take along yet too. I may or may not have time to work on anything once we're in the room at night, but Heaven forbid that I don't have a variety to CHOOSE from if I do!! I'm sure y'all can relate to THAT, right? There's already a sock in progress in my purse (STR - Red Rock Canyon colorway) that I'll work on whenever I have the chance to sit for a few minutes. I'll probably take the raspberry Euroflax for the nightgown from Mason Dixon Knitting and my burgundy lace weight circular shawl ( a la Elizabeth Zimmerman's pi formula) which is for my sister's "Mother of the bride" ensemble at my niece's wedding in May. MUST remember to wind the white and get my niece's shawl started too when I get back or neither will be ready in time for the wedding!! YIKES!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted next time if I can figure out how to thumbnail them!

MUST get this posted and get my backside off to bed or I'll really have a rough time tomorrow!

'Til next time.....

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