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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So many things hoppin around here lately, it makes it tough to know where to begin.

The most tedious of things taking up my time lately was getting all the paperwork done to be ready to get the taxes done. Drove out to the Phoenix area on Sunday (where our tax guy now lives and works) and got that done and filed. Yeeeeeeeehaw!! Sooooo very glad to have that behind us for another year! Made myself a "late" New Year's resolution in regards to THAT scenario. I've always kept a large envelope for each month and then just had to total stuff in the end. From now on, I'm totaling EACH and EVERY month as soon as it ends! Then at the end of the year, all I'll have to do is total the totals. By January , 2008 when the hubster asks, "How are we coming on having the taxes ready?", I'll be able to tell him that they are DONE and we just need to wait for his W-2. When I told him about it, he had the audacity to LAUGH! With all the stuff for two businesses to deal with this year, it was a royal PITA, so I'm pretty motivated at this point to follow through with that resolution!!

First up and #1 priority on the needles is working out the pleated portion of the current mystery project for South West Trading Company and getting that finished up. It's being made up in the new "Craft" yarn from the Vickie Howell collection. IF and when I ever get out of STOOOOOPID mode, I'll try and put a picture in here. I've added it in several times now, and cotton pickin blogger keeps throwing it up to the top of the page which is NOT where I want it to be! Grrrrrrr

Since TNNA, I've made and sent my socks to my victim in the Death By Socks game and since been "killed off" by my assassin Liz with a gorgeous pair of socks made in Claudia's Hand Paint yarn in the "Purple Earth" colorway. I'm anxious to see what the first kit is from Blue Moon for the Rockin Sock Club too! That's supposed to start shipping out around the end of this week I think. I also did a quick test sample for Carol on one of her sock designs, and reknit most of the current "travel" sock (didn't like how it was coming out before) during the drive to Phoenix on Sunday. It's out of Socks That Rock in the Red Rock Canyon colorway. Will post pics of all these too when I can get Blogger to cooperate.

I've also made a number of shop samples for the shop over in San Diego too, tho I've only had the Modular Vest from "Modular Knits" on the needles currently since starting the project for SWTC. It's a quick & easy knit, as I don't have to think about what I'm doing, knit to pick up in between when I'm frustrated from trying to work out shaping and the inevitable MATH for different sizes. While that project has been a challenge, I've enjoyed it immensely! Plotting out directions from everything from a little verbal input to working from an old favorite or a picture is what I used to do working in the knit shops in the '80's, and I loved every minute of it. As if this project itself isn't enough of a challenge, the photo I've been working from was taken on a cell phone.

Oldest son Tod and his wife Stephanie are expecting again (due in July). She's been convinced all along that it's a girl. She had her second Ultra sound yesterday and Tod called last night to say... "Hey Mom! Code word is BLUE!" Hmmmmmmmm... Do I wait awhile and see if it's for sure, or start knitting baby stuff now? Fortunately I have lots of baby yarns in assorted variegate combos, both with the blue as the predominate colors and others that it's just there. Definitely need to get the Berrocco Suede out and do a pair of UGGS.

Ironically, if anyone had asked a couple years ago, I'd probably have told them that we have all the "grands" we were going to get. Last couple years would have made a total liar out of me for that one. We had 3 new grands in 2005, bringing us up to 21, and now this one will make 22. I'm actually afraid to tempt the fates and even think about where the end of that road is!! It's GREAT fun tho, so as far as I'm concerned, they can all have all they want! Just as long as the older grands stay smart and don't have any of their own for some time, cuz I'm NOT ready to be "Great" G'ma anytime soon!

Have had this draft saved for a few days now thinking I'd get over here to add on, but that hasn't worked, so I'll just get this one up for now and start another!

'Til next time.....

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