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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Finishing, starting and more competition

Well, the red mystery project for SWTC out of "Craft" from the Vickie Howell collection is complete, shipped and received so the needles have moved on to their next assignment, which is out of black "Bamboo". While the first was created from a picture off a cell phone, this one is two pictures and combining the elements of each into one whole. LOTS of stitches but oh sooo FUN!!

What else have I finished? Hmmmm, the STR Red Rock Canyon travel sock is done, I made a pair of "Monkey" socks from STWC's TOFUtsies (color #723) and started a pair from SWTC's 1st newsletter. My Rockin Sock Club kit from Blue Moon arrived and I wound that and started that as well.

I was in San DIego on Tuesday to have the gooseneck hitch installed in our truck and spent the afternoon hanging out at Lakeside Knits with Clarese. We knitted, we chatted and we put together some more projects for the shop. I started the Triangle version of the Florence Scarves from Fiddlesticks while we sat and chatted. Not sure what the yarn is, I'll have to ask Clarese. She got quite a bit of new lace weights in and this particular skein was falling apart, so she'd wound it up, and the label wasn't with it. Other projects I came home with stuff for include the Alpine Boots from Fiber Trends, (Look in the what's new section from the menu on the left), and Rosebuds and Climbing Roses from the Lavish Lace book from Cherry Tree Hill and a skein of their laceweight in Wild Cherry to make it out of. I'll probably wind up making another shawl out of that as there's 2400 yards per skein.

Also in the last couple weeks, I made the Uniscarfity scarf from Magknits in the first round of competition in the Knitoff '07 and finished first in group K. Pattern will be posted for round 2 on March 17th (which was my grandmother's birthday!). All we know at this point is that we need approx 170 yards of dk weight.

Last weekend was the "Mad Cow" socks in the Sock Madness competition. LOT of competitors in that one! Had to be one of the 1st 16 to finish in each of 4 divisions to move on to the next round. Start date for round two hasn't been announced for that one. It amazes me to no end to see how different so many socks look just from using different yarns and colors. Check it out on the Flickr group!!! FIVE pages worth of pictures already!!

What OTHER mischief can I get myself into??? Welllll, it appears it isn't all that hard!!! I'd also signed up for the SockHopSwap!! Today's the last day to sign up for that one! IF you're looking for more mischief to get yourself into as well, "hop" on over and join in while the joining's good! gggg

'Til next time.....


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