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Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Madness I tell ya....

Mad-Tini socks for round 2 of Sock Madness are FINALLY done! I still find the variety achieved just by using different yarns amazing! How about you?

These are Cherry Tree Hill, colorway "Blueberry Hill", magic loop on #2 addi's. Little over 26 hours start to finish with LOTS of interruptions along the way. Thunderstorm, power outage, horses escaping that had to be chased down, caught and returned to their enclosure, sleep, etc.

As if being in the midst of Sock madness and the Knit-off '07 and the SockSwapHop, along with shop samples for the shop and the design projects all aren't enough to keep the needles smokin, I couldn't resist signing up for the 52PairPlunge too! Nothing like letting my alligator mouth overload my hummingbird backside, huh?

Meanwhile, I SHOULD carry my happy little (I use the term loosely!) backside off to bed! Hubby's got us committed to helping a friend move this weekend plus I have 10 shirts here that need the embroidery done on them so they can be shipped on Monday. At least I can keep on knittin while the machines are going!!



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