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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April recap...

First up is Painted Madness from round 3 of Sock Madness. Good thing I'm working from the sidelines now or I'd have been up the proverbial creek. Stats: Lorna's Laces, colorway "Vera", Magic Loop on Addi Turbo#1 (2.5mm)

This pair is destined for the "gift box". Most likely one of the DILs or grands will wind up with them. With the double thickness due to the cuff, they're just way too warm to consider wearing here in the desert. MIGHT have a couple days in mid winter that they could be worn here, but it's unlikely that I would, so into the box they go!

Cotton Pickn Frickn Frackn Blogger!! Can't for the life of me seem to get more than one image per post uploaded. Well, that's not entirely true.... I can but they're all being squeezed into one spot and not spread out throughout the post like I want them. I'll just link to the flicker page and offer my apologies for my lack of skills.

Additional photos at: flickr

Stats on the pink/orange/yellow pair are: pattern: "Tidal Wave", TOFUtsies #728 "Three Feet Short" from SWTC, Magic Loop on AddiTurbo #1 (2.5mm)

Multi Red "Mad Weave" pair are Cherry Tree Hill, "Foxy Lady" colorway, Magic Loop on Addi Turbo #1 (2.5mm)

The pair titled "Marbles" are the "Mad To Dance" pattern, Socks That Rock from Blue Moon; "Marbles" colorway, Magic Loop on #2 Addi Turbos (3.0mm).

In response to a request, there are also several shots of "Stash Flashin". I didn't realize until I dumped the sock yarn tote out on the daybed to take pictures just how much there really was in it. In addition, there were (ARE!) several more skeins (wound and unwound) throughout the house. Then this week, the May shipment of the RockinSockClub arrived, as did 3 skeins of J-Knits that my youngest son picked up for me in TX while he was at Texas A&M.

While it WOULD have been fun to play along in the LimeNViolet sock yarn marathon, I think everyone else would be done and it would be over before I could get it all totaled up as to how many miles of sock yarn I have around here.

There were also two more pairs of socks completed in April, but I can't show pics of those at this time. It started out as one pair for an April bd gift. Designed them "on the fly" as I knit them. I was asked to send a photo to the yarn company and they wanted the pattern. Fortunately (for once!) I'd actually made notes, so I wrote that up and sent it in. Details on the when and where they'll be available later. Fortunately I had a full weekend to get another pair made up to submit with the pattern.

I "THINK" I'm pretty much caught up for the moment... One pair of "themed" socks completed for Socktopia, 3 pair completed to catch up through the current pair at Sock Madness, One bd gift pair and one sample pair completed for a total of 6 pairs of adult size socks started and completed during the month of April (4 pair needed to stay on schedule for the 52Pair Plunge).

I was going to say that I'd start thinking tomorrow of the projects I'll line up for May, but I just looked at the clock and it IS "tomorrow" already. After 1am already and here I sit.. go figure! I'll just revise that train of thought to after I get up and get myself sufficiently caffeinated for the brain strain.

I do know I need to decide on whether to use a pattern or design one for my sockhopswap pal. I've already accumulated some extra goodies to include in her package that I'm hopin she likes. I also just got my "spoilee's" information for Sockapalooza4, so there's another to decide on something for. SHOULD include another pair for hubby since HIS birthday is this month. Would be a much easier decision to make if he didn't have size 12EEE feet and only wears boots, so the tops need to be at least 12" too. Feel like I'm makin socks for Sasquatch when I'm makin socks for him! While hubby's already arranged for our granddaughter's graduation gift, I could add a pair for her too, but I'd have to go shopping for something "purple" for her. Siiiiiigh! What's a Grandma to do? SHEESH!! You have to ASK?

We'll be headed to Newcastle, WY this month for our oldest granddaughter's graduation, so I'll have plenty of "drive time" hours to fill. Hubster's even offered a yarn shop crawl while we're gone, so I'd be tickled pick to hear of any "don't miss" shops along I40 from Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, NM, or north on I25 all the way through Colorado into Wyoming. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or pop me an email at: sandy at sandysays dot net (replace the at and the dot with the appropriate symbols and remove the spaces).

Til next time..... "Night!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! i'm very (VERY!!!) impressed with your work.


4:26 PM  
Blogger Meg said...

Hi Sandy, you've been busy! Vera and Marbles are beautiful.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I am your Sockapalooza 4 spoiler... I have sent a number of e-mails, but not respones. : (
If I'm having e-mail problems, it may be a blessing in disguise, but I'd like to know so that my questions for you can find their way to you another way.

6:04 AM  
Blogger SandyK said...

You got through Knit2, I've hada toddler granddaughter here the past few days and haven't been on the puter. Check your mail a bit later today, I'm trying to get caught up.


10:56 AM  
Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Bit late saying this, Sandy, but I'm right in there for a Year of the Sock. Why don't we start it right after SM finishes?

(Have you seen the specs for Round 7? TWO sets of needles...)

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
Knowing I got through I will now wait PATIENTLY since I can see that you are very, very, very busy! Have fun with the grands. : )

5:14 AM  

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